Terms and conditions of use

General Information:

Vip District S.L., hereinafter referred to as "Vip District", is the owner of this website and of these general terms and conditions of access and use of the Portal, hereinafter referred to as the Terms of Use.

This service is a benefit that has been contracted from Vip District S.L. by the promoting entity to which you belong as an employee, associate, client ...

Your access is subject to you being part of the beneficiary group. To this end you hereby authorise Vip District S.L. and the promoting entity to exchange information that confirms your group membership.

Furthermore, by becoming a beneficiary, you hereby authorise Vip District S.L. and the promoting entity to share information in order to obtain statistical information on the use of the services.

Access, registration and use of this website is voluntary and free of charge for you and confers you the status of registered user.

Nature of the Service:

As a registered user you will have access to a private area in which you will find a series of services and benefits such as offers to help you save on your everyday purchases, incentives, reward programmes...etc. The number of services and benefits you will have access to may vary depending on your role within the entity.

You can find the details of each service in the HELP section within the portal.

User Obligations:

As a registered user you hereby agree to use in good faith and in an appropriate manner the service offered by Vip District, as well as the contents of the Website and not to use them for illicit activities or activities that may cause harm to any third parties.

Account Termination:

Your account may be terminated for the following reasons:

  • Of your own free will: if you have registered voluntarily, you can also request a voluntary account termination by sending an email to the following address legal@vipdistrict.com or by calling 900670266, expressing your wish to unsubscribe from the service. Once the user's termination request has been received, Vip District will proceed to unsubscribe the user from the service within 48h.
  • For ceasing to belong to the collective promoting the programme: given that the benefits are linked to belonging to the collective, if you cease to be part of it, you will lose your account and, consequently, its benefits.
  • Prolonged inactivity: when an account has registered no activity or usage for a period of more than two years. Prior notice will be sent and your account could then be automatically terminated.
  • For termination of the service: if for any reason the company promoting the programme decides to terminate the contractual relationship with Vip District or the contract is terminated for reasons set out in the contract itself.

Once the termination has been processed, access to the service will be lost definitively. Under no circumstances does Vip District guarantee that the situation may be reversed.

Right of exclusion:

Vip District reserves the right to withdraw and/or deny, without prior notice, access to the service to a particular user, in the event of improper or fraudulent use of the service.

Guarantee and Liability:

The website may include links to other external sites. These principally belong to the merchants and will appear by means of banners, links or other types of buttons managed by third parties. Vip District does not have the power to control the content of websites accessed via links featured on their own website. Therefore, Vip District assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any matter relating to these websites, nor does it guarantee that these links may be free of viruses or other elements that may cause damage to the user's computer systems or files.

Furthermore, Vip District does not assume any responsibility for the contents of websites that may provide links to its website or make reference to it or post opinions about the Vip District Website and which may mislead users of said website about the services provided by Vip District.

Data Protection:

Any personal information provided by the user for the purpose of registering will be processed in accordance with Vip District's privacy policy. Please read this document carefully before registering on the Site.